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Minami Aoyama
Born May 28, 1982 (1982-05-28) (age 29)
Tokyo, Japan
Height 1.55 m (5 ft 1 in)
Ethnicity Japanese

Minami Aoyama (藍山みなみ Aoyama Minami?) is a Japanese AV idol and pink film actress. She has appeared in award-winning pink films, and was herself given a Best Actress award for her work in this genre in 2006.


Life and career

Minami Aoyama was born in Tokyo on May 28, 1982. She began her career as an AV actress in 2003 at the age of 21.[1] She made her pink film debut the same year, in director Toshiya Ueno's Ambiguous (2003),[1] winner of the Best Film award at the Pink Grand Prix.[2] In October 2004, she appeared next to AV idol Sora Aoi in the mainstream revenge film Stop the Bitch Campaign: Hell Version (Enjo-kōsai bokumetsu undō: jigoku-hen) directed by Kōsuke Suzuki.[3] As an AV actress, Aoyama was nominated for the Best Actress Award at the 2006 Adult Broadcasting Awards ceremony for her work on the Japanese adult satellite TV network SKY PerfecTV! in 2005.[4] Among her more prominent pink film performances was in Shinji Imaoka's Uncle's Paradise (2006).[5] At the annual Pink Grand Prix, the film was chosen as the eighth best pink release of the year, and Aoyama was given an award as Best Actress.[6]

Aoyama announced her retirement from AV work at the June 2007 event Momotaro Night 2007! (桃太郎Night!2007) held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Her retirement was marked by simultaneous releases of videos from the Momotaro and Attackers studios on June 7, 2007 and a special photo session appearance by Aoyama for Attackers.[7][8]

Aoyama starred in director Yoshikazu Katō's Tsubo Hime Sōpu: Nuru Hada de Urazeme (壺姫ソープ ぬる肌で裏責め?), which won the Best Film at the Pink Grand Prix for 2009. Aoyama was also named Best Actress, 2nd place for her performance in this film.[9]

Since 2005 Aoyama has made more mainstream appearances on television and in V-cinema. She also joined "Gesshoku Kagekidan", an avant-garde theatrical group, and in August 2008 performed in a play by Shūji Terayama.[1]

Partial filmography

Adult Videos (AV)

Release date[10] Video title Company Director Notes
2003-11-01 Forbidden Clubs - Body Odour of Athlete 1
禁じられた部活 アスリートの匂い
Shuttle Japan
With Sakura Sakurada
2004-03-08 Virtual Ex
バーチャルEX 励まし女子校生!!
IdeaPocket Tissue
2004-05-08 Angel High School IdeaPocket Angel
2004-07-08 Inma CINEMASHOW 2
Attackers Inmad
ATI-021 (VHS)
ATID-021 (DVD)
Eitaro Haga With Ayano Murasaki, Ruri Shiratori & Sakura Sakurada
2004-07-16 Eromesu 11
凌辱エロメス 11
Wild Side / King of Realism
Kaoru Toyoda
2004-08-08 Royal Anal Kingdom 6
名門アナル王国 6
Wild Side / King of Realism
Kaoru Toyoda
2004-08-08 Hi-School Girl Confinement & Rape in Turn 47
女子校生監禁凌辱 鬼畜輪姦47
Attackers Shark
[Jo]Style With Tsukasa Imai & Yuria Hidaka
2004-12-10 Female Baseball Brutal Story
CineMagic Noir
Kenji Hayami
2005-04-25 School Girl With Black Hair 2
Big Morkal
Kurokami With Madoka Kikuhara & Kohaku Ishikawa
2005-09-22 Reprise Bejean Momotaro
2005-09-22 Wild thing EX
Soichirou Tamura
2005-09-22 Peach Pictures Momotaro
Soichirou Tamura
2005-09-27 Female Prisoner Amazon
Max-A Naked Film
Kunihiro Hasegawa With Riko Tachibana, Ruri Shiratori, Shoko Mikami & others
2005-11-25 Female Prisoner Amazon 2
女囚アマゾネス 2
Max-A Naked Film
Kunihiro Hasegawa With Aya Misaki, Ayame Fuji, Shinobu Ebihara & others
2005-12-10 Dolls - Gothic Lolita with Semen
Dream Ticket Gothic
2006-02-01 True Story Gang Rape 2
実話 輪姦2
Moodyz Acid
Fubuki Sakura With Milk Matsuzaka
2006-02-01 Chijo Hospital 2
IdeaPocket Tissue
With Ai Himeno, Airu Kaede, Chinami Sakai & Momo Imai
2007-04-07 Goddess From Hell
Attackers Jabaku
Shinichi Kawamura With Ruka Uehara
2007-05-07 Slave Island 9
奴隷島 第九章 恋人のいる風景…
Attackers Ryubaku
Kenzo Nagira With Aya Koizumi, MAYA, Runa Naruse & Riko Sakura
2007-06-07 Snake Bondage Torture 8
蛇縛の拷問折檻8 ―藍き終焉―
Attackers Super Special
Randa Mai With Riko Sakura & Megu Hoshino
2007-06-07 Final Fuck Minami Aoyama
ファイナル・ファック 藍山みなみ
Soichirou Tamura





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