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Karad, Maharashtra
Karad is located in Maharashtra
Karad, Maharashtra
Coordinates: 17°17′N 74°12′E / 17.28°N 74.2°E / 17.28; 74.2Coordinates: 17°17′N 74°12′E / 17.28°N 74.2°E / 17.28; 74.2
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Satara
Elevation 566 m (1,857 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 169,457
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 415110
Telephone code +91-2164
Vehicle registration MH 50
Website www.karadinfo.com

Karad is a city in Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It lies at the confluence of Koyna River and the Krishna River. The two rivers originate at Mahabaleshwar, which is around 100 km from Karad. They diverge at their origin, and travel for about the same distance to meet again in Karad. The rivers meet exactly headon, thus forming letter "T". Their confluence is called Preeti Sangam, meaning Lovely Meeting. Karad is well known for sugar production and is known as the sugar bowl of Maharashtra owing to the presence of many sugar factories in and around Karad. It has many prestigious educational institutes such as Government College of Engineering, Government College of Pharmacy and the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences and hotels such as Hotel Sangam.


Karad is located at 17°17′N 74°12′E / 17.28°N 74.2°E / 17.28; 74.2.[1] It has an average elevation of 566 metres (1856 feet). Karad is located near Agashiva 17°14′15″N 74°09′07″E / 17.237506°N 74.15205°E / 17.237506; 74.15205. It has been referred in great epic Mahabharata. It has the shape of an "Aum" (Devanagari?) when viewed aerially.

Karad has strong influence over politics of Maharashtra. Yashvantrao Chavan who was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra and later served as Deputy Prime Minister of India was from Karad. The present Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan also hails from Karad. He started his political career in 1991, and won the LokSabha seat of Karad constituency, in '91, '96 and '98 but lost it in 1999. Later he was elected to RajyaSabha.


Some famous tourist points near Karad are:

  • Valmiki Temple & Big Wild Area(45km from Dhebevadi Fata)
  • Aagashivgad
  • Sadashivgad
  • Vasantgad (10 km)
  • Aundh
  • Manore
  • Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pachawadeswar
  • Preeti Sangam (Confluence of Koyna & Krishna River)
  • Talbid (Ram Mandir and Vasant fort) 12 km
  • Kas Pathar 76 km
  • Thoseghar Waterfall 76 km
  • Walmiki 45 km
  • Khodshi Dam 03 km
  • Tembhu Dam 05  km
  • Koyna Dam 40  km
  • Chandoli Dam 55  km west
  • Urmodi Dam 30 km
  • Ram Mandir Chaphal 30 km

Karad city was recently awarded a prize under "Sant Gadagebaba Gramswachatta Abhiyan" started by Indian Government.


It was originally known as "Karhatak", which means elephant market. Karad is a historical city, according to epic Mahabharata, Sahadeva one of the Pandavas lived in the city also known to be pious as Lord Rama stepped his feet on this land.South west of town has Karad Caves.[2]

The first capital of the Shilaharas was probably at Karad during the reign of Jatiga-II as known from their copper plate grant of Miraj and Vikramankadevacharita of Bilhana.[3] Hence sometimes they are referred as 'Shilaharas of Karad'. The capital was later shifted to Kolhapur. Among the Silaharas of Kolhapur who ruled over Satara and Belganv districts from 1000 to 1215 A. D., Gonka deserves mention here, as he is described as the Lord of Karhad (Karad), Mairifvja (Miraj) and Konkan.[4]

Railway station[]

  • Karad – 4 km from city

Karad has railway station and is onroute from Mumbai to Miraj, Sangli, Kolhapur, and Bangalore (some trains). You can reach Karad from Mumbai or Pune easily by road or rail (Mahalaxmi Express, Koyna Express, Sahyadri Express or Chalukya Express).

Nearest railway junction

All super-fast trains like the Karnataka Sampark Kranti, Deekshaboomi Express, Rani Chenama Express, Haripriya Express and Miraj Hubli Express stop at Miraj Junction. You can take private cars or MSRTC buses from Miraj to Karad. Travel time from Miraj to Karad is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Railway time table[]

Towards Miraj[]

No. Train No. Train Name Train Type Day Departure time
01 11023 Mumbai–Kolhapur Sahyadri Exp. Daily 02.55 am
02 11097 Pune–Ernakulam Purna Exp. Sun 03.30 am
03 11011 Kolhapur–Mumbai Mahalaxmi Exp. Daily 04.11 am
04 11017 Dadar–Yashwanpur Chalukya Exp. Ex. Wed 04.55 am
05 11035 Dadar–Mysore Sharavati Exp. Wed 04.55 am
06 51441 Satara–Kolhapur Pass. Daily 06.38 am
07 16209 Ajmer–Mysore Mysore Exp. Mon, Sat 08.10 am
08 16505 Gandhidham–Bangluru Bangluru Exp. Wed 08.10 am
09 16507 Jodhpur–Bangluru Bangluru Exp. Fri, Sun 08.10 am
10 16531 Ajmer–Yashwanpur Yashvanpur Exp. Tue 08.10 am
11 11040 Gondia–Kolhapur Maharashtra Exp. Daily 09.18 am
12 12148 Nizmuddin–Kolhapur Nizmuddin Exp. Fri 01.08 pm
13 12782 Nizmuddin–Mysore Swarnajayani Exp. Tue 01.08 pm
14 51409 Pune–Kolhapur Pass. Daily 03.55 pm
15 11029 Mumbai–Kolhapur Koyna Exp. Daily 16.55 pm
16 12780 Nizmuddin–Vasco Goa Exp. Daily 08.20 pm
Information by: Basargi Mahesh & Group

Towards Pune[]

No. Train No. Train Name Train Type Day Departure time
01 51410 Kolhapur–Pune Pass. Daily 07.53 am
02 11030 Kolhapur–Mumbai Koyna Exp. Daily 10.45 am
03 12147 Kolhapur–Nizmuddin Nizmuddin Exp. Tue 11.40 am
04 12781 Mysore–Nizmuddin Swarnajayani Exp. Sat 11.40 am
05 16210 Mysore–Ajmer Mysore Exp. Wed, Fri 02.00 pm
06 16506 Bangluru–Gandhidham Bangluru Exp. Sun 02.00 pm
07 16508 Bangluru–Jodhpur Bangluru Exp. Tue, Thu 02.00 pm
08 16532 Yashwanpur–Ajmer Yashvanpur Exp. Sat 02.00 pm
09 11039 Kolhapur–Gondia Maharashtra Exp. Daily 05.10 pm
10 51442 Kolhapur–Satara Pass. Daily 08.18 pm.
11 11018 Yashwanpur–Dadar Chalukya Exp. Ex. Thu 10.10 pm
12 11036 Mysore–Dadar Sharavati Exp. Thu 10.10 pm
13 11012 Mumbai–Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Exp. Daily 11.03 pm
14 12779 Vasco–Nizmuddin Goa Exp. Daily 11.45 pm
15 11098 Ernakulam–Pune Purna Exp. Tue 00.15 am
16 11024 Kolhapur–Mumbai Sahyadri Exp. Daily 01.25 am


As of 2011 India census,[5] Karad had a population of 169000

. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Karad has an average literacy rate of 76%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 80%, and female literacy is 72%. In Karad, 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.having Very High per Capita Income and High living standered. people are well educated and Sophisticated.

High schools in Karad City[]

  • Husen Kasam Danekari Anglo Urdu High School, Karad
  • Shaheen School,Karad (primary) (Urdu Medium)
  • Shaheen High School,Karad (Urdu Medium)
  • Atmaram VidyaMandir,Karad
  • Siddheshawar Vidyalay, Koparde Haveli
  • Shri Shivaji Vidyalaya, (Karad, Karve, Masur)
  • Maharashra High School, Karad
  • Yashwant High School, Karad
  • Vithamata High School, Karad
  • Tilak High School, Karad
  • Kanya Prashala, Karad
  • Anandrao Chavan high School, Karad
  • Holy Family Convent High School, Karad
  • Sant Tukaram High School, Karad
  • Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Karad
  • Palkar Highschool, Karad
  • S.M.S English Medium School
  • Krishna School, Karad
  • Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalay, Vadgoan Haveli

Engineering colleges in Karad City[]

  • Government Engineering College, Karad
  • Doulatrao Aher College of Engineering, Karad
  • Shri Santkrupa College of Engineering, Ghogaoan, Karad
  • Dadasaheb Mokashi College of Engineering, Karad.

Software Development Institute in Karad City[]

  • ECSsoftTech, Karad

Arts, science, and commerce colleges in Karad City[]

  • Yashwantrao Chavan College of Science, Karad
  • Venutai Chavan Art,Commerce college, Karad
  • Sadguru Gadge Maharaj (SGM) Arts, Science, Commerce College, Karad
  • Anandrao Chavan Arts, Science, Commerce College, Karad
  • Shikshan Maharashi Bapuji Salunkhe Arts, Science, Commerce College, Karad
  • Mahila Maha Vidyalay Arts, Science, Commerce College, Karad

Polytechnics colleges in and around Karad City[]

  • Government Polytechnic College, Karad
  • Pramilatai Polytechnic College, Karad
  • Doulatrao Aher Polytechnic College, Karad (''Coming Soon)
  • Dadasaheb Mokashi Polytechnic College, Sadashivgad, Karad
  • Shivajirao Desai Polytechnic College, Daulatnagar, Patan, Karad
  • Shri SanShri Santtkrupa Polytechnic College, Ghogaoan, Karad
  • Ramrao Nikam Polytechnic College, Indoli, Karad
  • Chatrapati Shahu Polytechnic College, Atit
  • Diploma College of Architecture, Karad

Other colleges in Karad City[]

  • Goverment Agriculture college( Under Cunstruction )
  • Government ITI, Karad
  • Government College of Engineering, Karad
  • IIJT Institute, Karad
  • Government Pharmacy College, Karad
  • Shri SanShri Santtkrupa Pharmacy College, Karad
  • Dadasaheb Mokashi Food Managenant College, Karad
  • Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth Law College, Karad
  • Yashavantrao Mohite Institute of Management, Karad
  • Mahila College, Karad
  • Yashwant College (Tilak Vidyapeeth), Karad
  • Late.Adv. Dadasaheb Chavan college of pharmacy, Masur Karad

Computer institute in Karad City[]

  • datapro Computer Institute ,Karad
  • C-DAC's SunBeam Institute of Information Technology, Karad

Notable residents[]

  • Yashwantrao Chavan (12 March 1913 – 25 November 1984), an eminent Congress party politician, hailed from Karad. He was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra and also served as the defence minister, finance minister, home minister, foreign affairs minister, and as the Deputy Prime Minister of India and became the first and only person from Maharashtra to reach up to this political level. Tembhu, one of the mega-projects under the Krishna Valley scheme, is situated near Karad.
  • Gopal Ganesh Agarkar (1856–1895) Also Tembhu is the birthplace of Gopal Ganesh Agarkar. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar was a social reformer from Maharashtra, India during the British rule. He was the first editor of Kesari, a well-known Marathi weekly at that time. He left Kesari after ideological differences with Lokmanya Tilak and started his own periodical named Sudharak. The difference of opinion was about the primacy of political reforms versus social reforms. Agarkar, Tilak and Vishnu Shastri Chiplunkar were the founder members of 'Deccan Education Society'Gopal Ganesh Agarkar
  • Khashaba Jadhav (15 January 1926 – 14 August 1984) Born in a very poor farming family at Goleshwar Tal. Karad, the only Olympic Medal Winner for India until 2000. He was honored by individual Bronze medal on 23 July 1952, in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games for wrestling in bantamweight, which is the unbeaten record for India in wrestling until today. In 1993, Maharashtra State awarded him the Shiv Chatrapati Award posthumously. In 2001, the Central Government also awarded him the Arjuna Award posthumously.[6]
  • Pandit Govind vallabh Panth - Born at OND Village 12 KM from karad.Village is on
 karad - Ratnagiry Road.Was the Chief Minister of UTTARPRADESH State.

Proposed Karad District[]

 ( MH- 50 ) 

The Satara District is under proposal to be divided and a separate Karad District be carved out of existing Satara district with the inclusion of Karad and Patan as well as talukas of palus,Walwa, Kadegaon and Shirala from neighbouring Sangli district in the proposed Karad district. It will be the most irrigated and fertile district of maharashtra.


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