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Syed Hayatul Haq Muhammad Mohi-ud-Din (born in Phulwari Shareef, Patna, Bihar, India,1888, died in Karachi, 1972), known as Allama Tamana ‘Imadi, Tamaana Imadi, Tamana Emadi, Tamana Amadi and other variants depending on transliteration, was a Muslim scholar, theologian and writer. He wrote poetry in Arabic and Persian.[1]

His book Intezar-e-Mahdi wa Maseeh, in Urdu was written on the request of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Tamanna Imadi was one of a few Muslim scholars to deny the virgin birth and ascension of Jesus and coming of the Mehdi.[2]

This is an allegation on him that he is against the virgin birth of jesus.This topic is not covered in his books so how anyone can blame him.It is true that he is not agreed on coming of Essa (jesus)A.S.

That was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who denied the virgin brith of Jesus.

Books and articles

Five Times Daily Salat Salah Prayer Proved From the Quran by Tamanna Imadi[3]:

  • Jama'ul Quran (Urdu)
  • Imam Tabri aur Imam Zuhri (Urdu)
  • Intezar-e-Mahdi wa Maseeh (Urdu)
  • Ijaz'ul Quran aur Mahaz-e-Riwayat wa Mahaz-e-Tafsir (Urdu)
  • Ekhtee'laf-e-Quraat (Urdu)
  • Talaq Mirtun (Urdu)
  • Kya Ektilaf-e-Ummat Rahmat hay? (Urdu)
  • Mazakara (Urdu)
  • Musnad Ahmed ki Haqeeqat (Urdu)
  • Wasiat, Virasat aur Kalala (Urdu)
  • Mislay Ma'ou ki Haqeeqat (Urdu)


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